Business Efficiency

Today the last two teams have been confirmed to the UCI World Tour (for Pro Cycling). The teams are the recently merged Radioshack-Nissan team and the first ever Australian Pro Tour team called GreenEdge. You will notice that the second team, GreenEdge, does not adorn the name of a large multinational company. This lack of sponsorship would usually mean a team would fail at the first hurdle but this team is following a trend set elsewhere in cycling; being funded by a very rich fan of cycling.

However as anyone in the world of business knows an investor, whether in the industry for love or money, never wants to simply throw money at a project. No one wants to play with their own money. However since the teams license was only confirmed 40 days before the World Tour starts at the Santos Tour Down Under is it any wonder they have failed to secure a headline sponsor? Although cycling offers fantastic returns for the investment compared to other avenues of advertising it is hard to pitch an opportunity such as that when you can’t even guarantee the team’s presence at the biggest races. Furthermore although some companies are scared to be associated with cycling due to image problems with allegations of doping still appearing it is worth noting that Phonak made huge profits the year that Floyd Llandis was stripped of his Tour de France victory.

So what was the point in this article other than a fine excuse to write about cycling? The point is that deadlines are there for a reason, in order for a business to operate as a complete business it needs all the aspects to be working to the same schedule. You cannot have the media department pitching to other businesses if they cannot confirm what is happening on the business side of things. So although there are often conflicts within a company between departments they are all reliant on each other and that is something worth remembering.

Did this make sense?

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