When Innovation doesn’t lead to Success

In any business everyone is constantly looking for the next big thing, the product which is going to revolutionise the market. This is no different in the world of barcodes, everyday you can find a new article about future uses for barcodes. According to some we will soon be done away with real stores and be left with rooms of barcodes to scan, as Tesco are trying in South Korea. However can technology sometimes be over used? Sometimes more can be less; is there really any benefit to the customer in not being able to see the products which they want to buy? I certainly think the savings would have to be huge to convince me I didn’t have to see the food I was about to buy.

Researching this lead me to find this website about innovations which have failed, from those which seemed to be a revolution (airships) to those which were non-starters (you’ll know which ones I mean when you look through). Most of these inventions probably cost their investors millions, yet without those mindsets would anything ever be pushed forward? Many of these inventions may have failed initially but in the long run were maybe ahead of their time. Recently there has been much in the news about a new air ship which could revolutionise transport in the skies; allowing far more fuel efficient transport than ever conceived before.

Therefore maybe these innovations which fail shouldn’t be scoffed at too much? Without businesses willing to invest in a wide range of new projects nothing would ever be achieved. However this comes with a big warning, to realise when the game is up and that the innovation may be perfect but if the market isn’t there then best to leave it be.

There must be plenty of examples of attempted uses of barcodes which have failed? Maybe the QR codes on volleyball players shorts is going to be one?

For more information on barcodes visit our knowledge base.


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