Christmas Business and the Google Zeitgeist

As December continues on it appears everyone gradually loses focus on their projects and their heads are instead filled with shopping lists and awful Christmas songs. This of course leads to quiet times at many companies as interest wanes until everyone returns revived and re-motivated in January. While I am sure this sounds like nonsense to anyone in the retail sector over the last few years it has seemed no one puts software development toolkits on their Christmas list!

Yesterday’s release of the annual Google Zeitgeist leaves me thinking this is the same situation at the offices of the search engine giant. Tired from a year of releasing fascinating innovations and mediocre social networking sites they delve into our collective search history to find what the nation has been up to. This year of course the royal wedding is one of the highest increases in searches but more strikingly appears alongside traditional pub grub scampi.

From a technical point of view it appears that the public are most interest in an innovation by apple with searches for the yet to be released iPhone 5 and ‘what is iCloud’ among the list. This I always find surprising since every year another similar phone is trotted out by Apple and as for the iCloud service it is simply one among many. It does show the power of advertising and brand loyalty however.

My final observation from the list is ‘Rebecca Black’ who has found herself in the most searched terms on Google this year simply for releasing one of the worst songs (ever). Is such a phenomena only possible in the age of the internet? (I mean for someone to become famous for a lack of talent not for someone to appear in the Google Zeitgeist) Since before the internet there were many more levels of selection and gradual removal of the less talented on the way to the top, now with people going straight to the ‘market’ via the internet this rather useful gatekeeping method is removed. All I can say that if without the internet we would never have had to hear that song ‘Friday’ then maybe we all need to  reassess our relationship with the world wide web.

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