Merry Christmas and Cars Reading Barcodes

As this is probably to be the last blog post before Christmas it seemed only correct to wish our readers a Merry Christmas. If you are having any issues whiling away those last few hours then here is our festive QR Code… sorry no exciting colours sadly.

Scan Me!

Scan Me!

In other news it appears Google, who had stopped work with QR Codes to concentrate on NFC technology, have developed one of the most expensive barcode readers around; a self driving car! This news story which appeared last week describes how barcodes could be used to inform the car of precisely where it is, obviously quite important for a car let loose to drive itself. The issue arises due to the fact that GPS can sometimes only have an accuracy of around 9 metres which is probably about the width of many roads. Probably a little too margin for error!

The obvious benefit of the QR Code in this situation is its ability to encode a large amount of data, wouldn’t require a database to be linked to it and the reliability of the read you will get from it. Although I personally feel that new technology for cars without making them radically more fuel efficient is likely to end in ruin this is a fascinating project and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

So Merry Christmas all and stay tuned for exciting news and announcements!


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