What can Barcodes do for me?

This blog has spent quite a long time exploring the weird and wonderful new uses of Barcodes in business, but what about the more normal functions barcodes offer. Although QR Codes are fantastic for holding large amounts of information a 1D barcode can also provide  effective service when linked to a database.

It is therefore worth considering whether the adoption of barcodes across your business could help efficiency and performance. Just some of the most obvious situations where barcodes excel are:

  • Tracking mobile workers
  • Organising Paperwork by Page*
  • Tracking and Organising Parts through a Factory/Warehouse
  • Control the use of hardware by workers

*Organising paperwork by barcodes is something which has enabled an effective link between physical and digital information for a long time before QR Codes. Although it is possible to integrate it into existing software systems through our Barcode Reader SDK it can also be easy to implement using our ready to use application; Bardecodefiler.

Any other obvious applications?


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