Barcodes to the Rescue

Don’t you just hate it when you lose track of your new born child? This may be an old story but when I stumbled across it again I thought it worth sharing. In Spain when a child is born both mother and baby have their fingerprints taken. This information is then stored in barcodes worn by both, “acting as an ID card”.

The obvious questions this raises is how did the need arise for such a system? The people of Spain with children from before 2003 are probably considering DNA tests all over the place. But on a more serious note it does demonstrate the strengths of barcodes, allowing for a link between real world situations and the safety net provided by databases. Although some may find something a little ‘1984’ like in the idea of barcoding people at birth (don’t worry there not tattoos!) it would seem here is a good and practical solution to a problem which maybe shouldn’t exist!


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