Shop Barcodes: Making them work for the Consumer

Traditionally barcodes have always been on products for use in the supply chain and for the stores themselves. However with the increasingly fast internet available to mobiles it is now possible to make them the tool of the consumer. There are now apps available which use mobile barcode reading software in order to help the shopper make the most of their hard earned cash. The applications allow you to scan a product in any store and your phone then tells you other shops in the locality or online which are able to do a better price.

Such advances in technology can do far more for consumer rights than any amount of legislation which is time consuming and expensive to implicate. Simply allowing a customer to ensure that they are getting a good deal increases competition in a practical sense, who really likes visiting every book store in a shopping centre or town centre to ensure they are getting a fair deal?

Talking to others about the application one concern which was raised was the pressure it could put on stores to compete with online retailers, obviously a very hard task. However it seems obvious to me that humans, as creatures of impulse, will always be prepared to pay that little bit more for the instant gratification of purchasing in store. However this application ensures that they are not paying extortionately more for the pleasure.

Would this be an application you would use?


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