QR Codes Dominating Fifth Avenue, NY

Anyone from New York may remember Micheal C Fina, the jewellery retailer, putting massive QR Codes in window displays on Fifth Avenue. The idea was that the QR Codes, displayed above jewellery, could be scanned in order to link the consumer to a website with further details such as price/ordering etc. Although this is a novel idea there are several issues with this.

Firstly QR Codes work best when they link the advertising with the companies actual products. In this instance that does not appear to have been necessary since Micheal C Fina already have a store on Fifth Avenue. Secondly with such a high level product as jewellery is a smart phone the best method for selling?

Finally it appears to be another case of the advertiser assuming the consumer will a) know what to do with it b) want to actually scan the barcode c) already have the software required installed. In addition the end result of scanning this barcode would appear to be subjection to further advertising, not a top priority for most consumers. If upon scanning the user was entered into a prize draw, or equivalent, then the number of people engaging with the media would almost certainly increase.

Therefore of course I think that QR Codes are a fantastic way to promote your company, but only when treated with the same principles as other advertising. You must offer something in return.

Has anyone got any evidence for the difference this makes? Would be very interesting to hear.


p.s. Check out the android market place for our new FREE barcode reader (including QR Codes of course!)

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