Softek’s Bardecoder Application hits the Android Marketplace… for Free!

Softek Software are very proud to announce that we have now made freely available the ‘Bardecoder App’ for android which can be downloaded at the market place. After months of development we believe that it is a top notch reader of QR Codes. Anyone who has read this blog regularly will realise that we have been quite preoccupied by QR Codes of late and they are the most obvious barcode for use with this application; although it does work with other types. This has meant hours of searching magazines for the little QR Codes and attempting to read them in poor light and at ever more awkward angles. Luckily for us, a company mainly full of cycling enthusiasts, it appeared cycling magazines had by far the highest concentration of QR Codes per page.

Basically though we think the Bardecoder app is great stuff and would love to hear your thoughts. So if you have an android phone, and especially if you already use another barcode reading app, then please head over to the market place, give it a go and leave a comment. Also if you are interested in integrating our software with your android or iPhone application then head over to our website to give our mobile software development kit a go.

What are your main considerations for a mobile barcode reading application? Or equally as important are you someone who owns a smart phone but does not have a barcode reading application?

Thanks for reading!


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