Aggressive Advertising vs. File Sharing: What’s the real evil?

It is well known by now that malware has very firmly established itself in the world of mobile technology. Luckily though just as the phones get more sophisticated and thus vulnerable to more channels of attack so has their capability for anti-virus protection with companies such as AVG bringing out mobile specific versions of their software. However this does not mean that there are not subtler ways your phone could be infected.

An article on the Guardian website today explains the think line between ‘aggressive’ advertising and malware. Now this interested my since I had just been reading the other big technology news of the day, Megaupload users could be about to lose all of the files they have uploaded. The American authorities have decided the website owes up to 500 million dollars in copyright infringements and have frozen both the website and all their assets. It has now been announced that data held on the site could start disappearing as soon as Thursday. This means that both legal and illegal files will disappear just the same; on a website which appears very legitimate with celebrity endorsements and a good name for itself. While I have never used it myself I can see why many people entrusted their backups to such a website.

However this is where the issue for me really appears. Firstly that the American government have the power to do this to people all around the world, but this I guess we must accept and if you want to avoid the American policies use non-American based services. Secondly that they will go after a website such as this which is responding to consumer demand and would become essentially useless if they vetted every file uploaded whereas with spam, malware and especially aggressive advertising they do nothing. Now we all know this is due to who is paying money into the government/politicians but if they are to crack down so hard on file sharing they should surely be looking out for the everyday user too and going after those clogging up the cyber world just as hard.

So yes apologies for the morning rant, I do try to avoid them, but these two stories appearing next to each other seem to show the wrong priorities.

Any opinion?


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