Barcodes and Human Error in Small Businesses

We are now all used to Barcodes in advertising and of course in shops. However many people are surprised to encounter them in hospitals or office paperwork, which has actually quickly become the major sectors for barcode reading technology. The advantages are obvious, quick processing and a safety check to ensure that human error doesn’t creep in. It is only natural that when someone is performing a task hundreds of times in a day that eventually they will, on ‘autopilot’, make a simple error with drastic consequences for a company or even worse for someone’s health.

Barcodes can help streamline a small business

The issue is trickier though for small business, especially those without large technology departments who can develop such systems. There is a solution however! At Softek Software we have created the BardecodeFiler which is a ready to use application. If you in put documents with barcodes then, through various settings, you are able to split them and rename them appropriately. For more information visit our website or email us at

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