QR Codes and the Super Bowl

Although this blog may be for a British based company it is true that even we do no escape the Super Bowl’s hype. I’m sure come the big day I will be gathered round a screen with some tasteless American lager and cardboard textured ‘chips,’ and what is more I’ll love it. Therefore I was doing my annual homework of working out what’s happened through the season this year, so I actually know who is playing and who to look out for. While poking around I found one of the numerous articles which bypasses the sport and goes straight to the commercials. Obviously. The Super Bowl is now an occasion in itself, transcending sport to become a giant corporate occasion where the adverts are almost as hotly anticipated as the football.

This has meant that in recent years budgets have been spirally to new levels for these adverts as competitors try and gain the edge and become the most talked about advert. Domain name hosting site Godaddy.com is going for a first this weekend, to become the first Super Bowl advert to contain a QR Code. Viewers will be able to scan the QR Code shown on the screen to continue the advert onto their smart phone. This would obviously have the effect of effectively extending their advertising time for free. Therefore so long as the advert is shown for long enough it should be fine and I’m sure the novelty will get people involved, showing off what their smart phones can do.

However I’m not sure we will get the American adverts over this side of the pond so let me know how it goes!

Furthermore people will be needing QR Code reading applications for their Androids… if this is you then get ours for FREE from the market place.


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