300Mbps Broadband: Not a typo

The last few days have been a struggle, here in the Edinburgh office we have been encountering the slow internet. Crawling downloads of below 100kbps which render work laborious. Although I can gratefully say the the problem is now rectified it meant I did do a little poking around for other options. It was at this point I found on the BBC website a story about BT intending to roll out 300Mbps broadband to businesses in the UK next year. This is 3 times the size of there current largest available speed.

This is significant since everyone has now come to terms with the fact that the speed advertised is not the speed you get; based on distance from an exchange among many other factors. Therefore despite most people and business these days going for 20mbps broadband the national average, according to ofcom, is only 7.6mbps.

An area this could have a large impact in is that of ‘web books’ and tablet PCs which are fairly rubbish without the internet, and still essentially useless with crawling internet speeds. Moves like this which will see the limit greatly increased could be the game changer required to make them more reliable. However with a realistic view if 20mbps broadband converts in reality to 7.6mbps then 300mbps can only really be expected at 114mbps… still, I’d settle for that right now.


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