QR Codes: Knowing Your Audience

I have gone on about this a fair amount I guess, but only because it is so often overlooked, that just by sticking on a QR Code there is no guarantee it will be used. You must consider where it will be shown and to whom and for what purpose, these all effect the success rate. Therefore when I found some information on where people are most likely to scan QR Codes I thought it was too useful to not share.

Here then is a table of where  people with smartphones in the ‘EU5’ (France, Germany,Italy, Spain and the UK) are most likey to scan a QR Code.

  1. Home 57.4%
  2. Work 22.6%
  3. Outside or on Public Transport 20%
  4. Retail Store 17.8%
  5. Supermarket 17.2%
  6. Restaurant 5.7%

*Note they could choose more than one option, so does not add up! For the whole article visit The Independent

I would be very interested to see a bigger breakdown of results for ‘Outside or on Public Transport’ since it clearly covers such a wide range and probably where most QR Codes are shown.

Let me know you thoughts!


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