QR Codes in Hollywood

You have probably heard of the film ‘Marth Marcy May Marlene’ and you may well have been to see it. However have you seen their QR Code poster? Cleverly using a rather dark image of someones face as the ‘background’ colour to a QR Code. Although some critics have claimed it won’t last the test of time (but obviously thats not what the poster is for… and whose to say it doesn’t become a classic) it has also been described as ‘attractively elegant and modern’. You may be aware from my previous posts that I am not usually a fan of QR Codes being messed around with, or more people slapping a logo in the centre. For this though an exception must be made, well designed, functional and still very clearly a QR Code.

"Attractively elegant and modern"

Did you see this poster up? And more importantly did you scan it?


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