How QR Codes Increase Sales

Oxfam have just started introducing an application called Shelflife. Combined with QR Codes next to it’s products they offer a glimpse into the past life of the second hand goods peoples are purchasing. Oxfam believe the benefits are obvious, people are simply more likely to buy something if they know more about it; especially if it has a good emotional back story!

Future use of the application are also highly promising. The charity already has a comprehensive online store where records can be found from across the country and this application could be another way of linking goods to the people who want them. This is vital for a charity shop with such eclectic ranges of products, but somewhere out there people will want them, its just connecting them to the goods and this application has promise.

Sadly for now this scheme is limited to Manchester but if its a success I’m sure we will see it across the UK in no time. For more news on the story click here or if you want to find out more about the capabilities of mobile barcode reading visit our website.

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