QR Codes in the Military?

If you have a smartphone in America you could grab yourself 40,000 dollars by simply scanning a few QR Codes, only problem…. you’ve got to find them! This elaborate test, or game (depending on how you see it), is designed to see how people could cope in a national emergency and reach the resources they need.

Due to the size of America it is clear that no one will simply stumble upon all the QR Codes so the exercise is in seeing how well people collaborate through social media to find all the QR Codes. The contest has currently been running since 23 Feb so I’m actually quite surprised all the QR Codes haven’t been found yet, unless competitors are guarding their locations from others online. A bigger issue may be simply getting to all the QR Codes.

Anyhow this essentially leads on from my previous post about QR Codes being used in Bordeaux to boost tourism and create interactive games. The fact that you can link the real world and virtual world so effectively opens up many possibilities and these ideas will only progress to become more sophisticated.

Would anyone take part in something like this, even if it didn’t involve travel across the whole of the states?


p.s. Check out our mobile SDK which has a great QR scanner or download our FREE bardecoder app for android.

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