QR Codes From Space: Advertising Efficiency

So we’ve all been there, checking out what the company offices of somewhere we have to visit looks like on good earth; don’t want to get lost on the way to an important meeting. However without going into streetview company offices have very little present, for obvious reasons they were never designed to be seen from above!

Might have to Zoom in!

Phillips and Co’ however have come up with a new idea, which they call ‘blue marble’. The will paint a giant QR Code on the roof of your building to enable those who stumble upon your building on maps to find out more about your business, or maybe it could simply contain directions for those needing them. Either way it is taking a large portion of unused and very cheap advertising space and efficiently using it.

Don’t expect instant returns however, it has been noted that it takes about a year sometimes for these to show up on Google Earth. This though should not be a problem long term since QR Codes can point to a stable URL which can they have the content updated, so don’t be put off!

So yes, this may be a bit of a gimmick, but at the right price it certainly is a novel way of helping people reach your business and more importantly, remember your business. What do you think?


For more information on barcode readers check out our website.

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