Data Entry Efficiency Savings

Most large companies will have a problem like this; you have large amounts of data which need to be transferred from paperwork into digital format. Now much of this, due to the realities of non-uniform handwriting, inevitably is just a case of inputting the data manually to a computer. However there is a usually an amount of data which can be inferred simply from the form itself, especially if well designed.

To take the hardest and most large scale example look at the census. Millions of documents have to be processed to get all the data required, a mammoth task even for the resources of a government. However with the implementation of a barcode which has recently been adopted in the UK they have been able to bypass a large number of the manual stages. Through high-speed scanning they are able to enter basic information at the rate of 15000 pages per hour.

Barcodes though can increase efficiency and reduce human error on a far larger scale too, down to simply naming and storing scanned documents into the correct file. These new processes can free up your staff to get on with the real work you want them to be doing; helping customers or producing new leads!

You don’t even need a developer to get started with our ready made BardecodeFiler application, download a free trial version here.

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