QR Codes Driving Sales

As much as I loathe Starbucks with their vacuous coffee shops and sad looking sandwiches they have got one thing right. Through QR Codes and a mobile app they have enabled their customers to pay quickly and efficiently.

This is the ideal application of such an idea, they are dealing with people often in a hurry and who will often prefer to not ensure they have correct cash or go through the hassle of card payment. As anyone who commutes knows if you can cut just one minute off your morning routine that means one more minute in bed… gold dust!

The application is also used to deliver promotions and raise awareness of new lines in a way which is often very hard when dealing with an in store situation where posters can easily become obscured by lines of people etc. Therefore I say yes Starbucks is soulless and produces horrible stuff, but fair play for innovating and delivering a system such as this which will give practical benefits to their customers.

Would you use such an application?

Or if you would like to build such an application for your business check our our mobile barcode scanner sdk!

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