Barcodes Setting the Standard

The Guardian today has run an articletalking about the need for international banks to develop a common language so that they may interact with a better understanding of risk. However it also raised another point, that it was barcodes that had achieved this in international trade. Barcodes clearly transcend language barriers and it is only a database which needs updating, not endless labels or product sheets.

Use Barcodes to Improve Efficiency

The advantage of being able to garner the same necessary information on a product from the other side of the world is clear, and has surely done much to bring down trade costs. This is not something limited to the international stage though, they also work to hugely increase the speed that information can be processed between companies, especially in the world of documents. For more information on document splitting see our BardecodeFiler application.

So although QR Codes seem to be stealing the headlines at the moment, and actually are very relevant to this in that they can also encode Kanji characters, it should be remembered that the humble 1d barcode is still setting the standard in business.

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