Intelligent Barcode Labelling

This blog usually talks about how great barcodes are at improving efficiency, which of course they are, but today having a look around the BBC news website I found something quite impressive. Although barcodes are great at bringing the physical world into a companies digital system (such as with products at the supermarket) they require a very intelligent system to become reactive.

However new barcode labels for fruit have been developed to become unreadable when ammonia is given off; a sign that the fruit should no longer be sold. Therefore avoiding the frustrating situation of getting home only to find that the fruit you bought is inedible.

It should be remembered though that with more sophisticated barcodes such as QR Codes more information, such as ‘use-by’ dates can be used to avoid out of date products being sold, since not everything is as well designed as fruit with its ammonia warning system! For more information on QR Codes check out our knowledge base.


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