QR Code Placement Revisited

If you followed the blog a month or two ago this will be a very common theme, the rubbish placement of QR Codes; such as in the underground where no one has enough signal to get onto the internet. This morning I stumbled upon a tumblr blog called WTF QR CODES which aims to expose the many ridiculous situation which QR Codes are now found in.

Firstly though I think it is worth noting that many of the QR Codes they state as ridiculous, such as on the back of a van or on a business card are just funny due to how they are presented. The van shown will undoubtedly spend a large amount of time stationary where the QR Code will be both useful and safe.

However as a whole the blog makes a great point, how much do the advertisers really think about how the technology is used. Several of them don’t even allow for a decent read since they are too far away and effected by wind (reference the flag and the one being dragged by a plane… I’m not making this up!).

Have you seen any ridiculous QR Codes around? I’d be interested to know what most people deem too far.


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4 thoughts on “QR Code Placement Revisited

  1. That tumblr blog was quite humorous. Thanks for sharing that.

    • bardecode says:

      No problem. Although some of it was a little gratuitous, complaining about a small QR Code, which was actually just a Datamatrix.

      • I agree. I didn’t think of all the complaints were necessary, but there were a few that were pretty poorly placed. In general I think QR codes are poorly used – it isn’t just their placement that isn’t well thought out – their purpose is often a bit redundant. I really think they should be used for more than just pointing someone to a website.

  2. bardecode says:

    Yes I think they are often used in a lazy manner, with an assumption that people will want to use them. You need to give the audience an incentive!

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