Barcodes Driving Consumer Value

How many times have you received a bill, either domestic or commercial, and thought to yourself that you need to establish whether you’re getting the best deal? Probably quite a lot, however if you’re anything like me this resolution will last about 30 seconds until your mind starts to drift onto the next task on your list, the bill can wait until next week.

So despite all the rhetoric from companies promising to make it easy to shop around for different contracts, especially in the domestic energy market, most people have far better to do with their time let alone the desire to work out their energy usage to ensure the best deal. However the UK’s favourite hypocrite, Nick Clegg, has finally been allowed to make a positive announcement that from now on bills will come with a “special barcode” (I would assume this means a QR Code) which can be scanned to give you instant quotes from other companies for your energy bill.

The idea is that this will allow the consumer to switch supplier in a matter of minutes. Most importantly though it probably not the time, since going online to change supplier probably only takes a few minutes, but the fact that it is available there when you have that bill in your hand. This is using barcodes at their best, to link the physical and digital spheres in a way that saves people time. Furthermore the fact that he quote can instantly be aware of how much energy you’re using will mean that the quotes you get could be tailored to your actual needs.

Could this tempt you to change supplier?


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