QR Codes Bringing Back Reality

It seems technology has got many cities into a situation where it is accepted to drive anywhere and people think nothing of getting the car out to drive round the corner. However technology does not have to simply lead to evermore laziness.

A ‘tactical urbanism’ project in Raleigh, America, where citizens take issues into their own hands to improve the city has met with huge success. Putting up signs around the city informing people how long it takes to walk to other various parts of town, complete with QR Code for directions, were so professionally done everyone assumed they were part of an official campaign.

This is the perfect use of QR Code technology to tap into the lives of people who have grown to rely on technology and have probably turned off from other sources. Furthermore the reason people drive is that they probably don’t have to think about it, and a QR Code with directions is able to make the decision to walk that much easier.

Therefore while this is clearly just a small step it is definitely something worth applauding. For more information see the Washington Post website here.

If you are interested in integrating barcodes into your project then checkout our website here.


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One thought on “QR Codes Bringing Back Reality

  1. This seems like a great way for a city to promote local businesses (as well as healthy habits). I would be interested in finding out how successful this campaign is.

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