The Data Matrix

If you read this blog, or many others for that matter, you could be forgiven for thinking that QR Codes are are the only 2D barcodes to exist. However the Data Matrix is still widely used and very effective in many situations. I started thinking about this following the Guardian blogon poor QR Code usage showed a Data Matrix and claimed it to be a QR Code which was simply to small to be of any use. Despite containing many amusing examples of terribly conceived QR Codes it also seem a bit desperate for content and forgets 2D barcodes need not be restricted to customer interaction.

Probably best to check what Barcode you're dealing with!

Both Data Matrix and QR Codes were developed by large businesses involved in technical production to track parts and products as they moved around. Since within a company you can choose the conditions for barcode reading and the quality level of the barcodes produced the large redundancy provided by QR Codes is not always necessary. Therefore Data Matrix can make for very space efficient barcoding.

For more information on Data Matrix standards see this useful PDF. Or for more information on how easily barcode reading can be incorporated into your company check out our website and try out SDK or ready to use application today!


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