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I have written about several uses of QR Codes being implemented on signs to deliver more information, whether it be on tourist routes in Cornwall or bus stops in Leeds. The latest place to go along this route is the tidal road which gives access to Holy Island. It was only last year that a couple had to abandon their hire car after getting caught out by the tides. Although a sign clearly states ‘Do not proceed when water reaches causeway’ to the layman it could be a big ask to establish when is too close.

The solution has been to introduce new signs using QR Codes to link travellers to the latest information required. The other alternative which was cited in this case was an electronic board which would advise drivers on whether it is safe; although clearly an effective option it is often prohibitively expensive. Therefore when it comes to delivering the most up to date and advanced information possible to locations which are either too remote or numerous for heavy investment a QR Code is able to achieve similar results at the fraction of the price.

The obvious flaw here is that not everyone owns a smart phone capable of utilising such information. However where the alternative is no information QR Codes clearly have an important role to play. Want to integrate barcode reading into your application? Check out our website!


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