Providing More For Less

Scanning the Washington Post website earlier I found a story about a church in America who were engaging with modern media; common sense stuff. They had started streaming their services over the internet and provided a live web chat alongside it. However the innovations are not reserved for those unable to make it, if you attend the Christ Fellowship church in McKinney, Texas, then you can scan a QR Code on the way in to download the service programme.

Far from being a simply gimmick this makes a lot of sense, firstly it stops a large amount of waste. A single QR Code is far more economical than printing hundreds of programmes. It should also be remembered that although the Washington Post terms this as a ‘high tech’ church it is actually very simply to set up. QR Code generators are freely available and simply have to contain a URL. It is no harder for the smart phone user with plenty of free barcode readers available such as the Bardecoder for android. So the surprise maybe isn’t that a few churches are adopting such methods but that more are not! It is clear that many church goers will not own smart phones but the beauty of the system is its low set up costs (free!) and that it can happily sit alongside existing structures.

This suggestion though is not purely one aimed at the religous, history shows those who innovate thrive. So if you are interested in integrating barcode reading into your business in any capacity, from document organising to tracking parts,then check out our website for more information!


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One thought on “Providing More For Less

  1. I think this is a great idea and a fantastic means of eliminating paper waste. Think of all the programs that churches print EVERY week and how much better it will be to offer a mobile solution to attendees!

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