Gorilla Marketing

If you wander around any city, or especially a university campus, we now see QR Codes everywhere. From posters promoting grotty club nights to swanky car posters, everyone is involved. However I have noticed another trend, the posting of just a QR Code, no explanation given.

If you read this blog a few months a go you will be aware I lambasted the arrogance of marketing folk for assuming people will scan a QR Code simply because it’s there, with nothing offered in return. I stand by that comment and believe that a QR Code simply linking up to more marketing guff is pointless and will put people off using the technology, or the promoted product, again.

An exception to this though appears to be the solitary QR Code. They seem to be the only ones which get people stopping in the street, groups of people will wait as a friend scans the code; presumably out of curiosity for what it’s promoting. Admittedly it tends to be some social campaign or even just another route to a club night poster but still the success rate seems higher.

I still would not recommend such a tactic, it will surely only be a novelty so long, but does provide an insight into how users are interacting with the technology. Either provide mystery or provide incentive; failure to do either is where most people end up and will tempt few.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Want to know more about QR Codes? Check out our knowledge base.

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