Know Your Food… Scan it!

In recent decades it appears there have been countless food scares, most memorable the ‘mad cow’ disease which obliterated British livestock farming for the best part of a decade. Although this has long recovered and a British steak is once again a fine thing to sit down and enjoy it has meant that tough lessons were learnt. It became obvious that for consumers to be able to make informed choices about what they were purchasing they had to have more knowledge.

The producers have to be accountable. What is more this works to protect the majority of producers. Those who are cutting less corners in production can show their better produce and satisfy consumers that they are keeping up standards. Now why am I harping on about agricultural standards in a barcode news blog? This is because barcodes fit the job perfectly here, as New Zealand has shown. If you purchase beef in New Zealand you can scan a barcode on it and learn everything about the animal it came from.

It is clearly not feasible to have an entire fact sheet printed on each piece of meat sold, therefore barcodes yet again make a huge leap forward economically viable where before it may have simply been a pipe dream. So if you ever find yourself in New Zealand treat yourself to a steak, scan the barcode, and enjoy it with the knowledge of where your food came from!


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