Barcodes: For When Error Is Not an Option

The Department of Health and the NHS Commissioning Board have announced that by 2014 they will be actively working to promote the use of ‘barcode medication administration’ in care homes. This may appear to be over complicating a simple matter but when absent mindedness could cost lives it is a small price worth paying. What is more, barcode technology is relatively a cheap system to introduce for the results it can provide.

No matter how well trained staff are human error is inevitable, and while a machine can never replace the knowledge and rationality of a human, barcode technology acts as a safety net against fatal errors. Also from a purely administrative point of view it can allow for far more cost efficient service, when you know exactly where everything in your company is overheads can come tumbling down.

Using our ready to use BardecodeFiler application you could ensure that every document in your business is properly filed for when you need it. Check out our website or drop us an email for more information.


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