Big Problems Require Simple Solutions

Everyone will have faced big problems or big projects in their line of work, the sort of problem which at first seems insurmountable. However these issues which seems to have no easy answer are often best solved with the simplest of solutions.Take for example Monday’s post about charities using QR Codes to generate extra revenue from people without cash, it didn’t need hand held card machines, simply used the technology everyone is already carrying.

Therefore I was unsurprised to see that the Egyptian elections had been making the most of barcode technology. Since they are holding what are considered the first free and fair elections in their modern history there is no precedent to work from, no template. Using barcodes they are able to quickly ensure that the national identification cards match up with the lists they have.

I am well aware though that you are probably not reading this seeking advice for running elections in a newly democratic country (and if you are, I’d keep looking!) but the point remains the same for other complicated projects. Keep it simple. Systems work best when everyone understands them and when there are checks in place to avoid human error, barcodes can offer both of these things. So if you are looking to simplify or increase efficiency then check out our website.


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