Creative Barcode: Intellectual Property Innovation

The Creative Barcode company claims they have the first innovation in the Intellectual Property sphere for more than three decades, and its a hard claim to refute. Not much has happened in the last three decades regarding intellectual property. However the way everyone works has changed massively with the onset of the internet and the digital age. Therefore this simple and intuitive solution allows for a dynamic approach and maximum control for the owner of intellectual property.

The Creative Barcode

The use of barcodes makes perfect sense since they can remain unchanged while the content they link to regarding the status of a piece of intellectual property may be dynamic. For more information check out their website.

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One thought on “Creative Barcode: Intellectual Property Innovation

  1. Maxine Horn says:

    Thanks for the blog piece. Much appreciated. Would have been good if you had been able to include the Rights Reserved Barcode above or beneath the Free Use one, so that readers could have seen both.
    There are well over 2bn internet users now, and rising. A large percentage of whom believe that any thing they can access and view for free on the internet, means that it is also free to download and use.

    Consumers cannot be expected to understand copyright law and be held responsible for inadvertent breach if Creators make no effort to communicate usage terms.

    Therefore Creators of works need to use identifiers on their work that is displayed on the internet and that are easily understood by the viewer. It’s either free to use or it isn’t.

    The Rights Reserved Barcode links to the Creators name, contact details, IP status. The free use code links to the Creators Name, url and source credit.

    In use this will help sites such as Google Images and Pinterest as the Free Use or Rights Reserved barcodes travel with the item it is applied to and is therefore ever present in search returns.

    And if the item is sold to a new owner and the rights transferred, just one quick up date of the Meta Data page, changes the url links to the new owners details.

    Easy, fast and affordable IP Management.

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