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Barcodes for Small Businesses

In charities and small businesses there is no room for waste, even small changes can sometimes be big decisions due to the resultant effect on already tight cash flows. However if you want to keep an organisation running smoothly and efficiently, investments must be made.

The Watford Observer has reported that the county council has awarded £750 to the Rickmansworth Toy Library to allow them to implement a barcode lending system. Many people working in business will be reluctant to take lessons from a local toy library, however it is something worth paying attention to. An efficient and automated system not only provides a check on human error but it also allows staff to concentrate on the less monotonous tasks which can really propel an organisation forward.

In small business there is always the option of a manual workaround, and often they do save money, but a long term view can help a small group of people have a big impact. For more information on what barcode reading could do for your business check out our ready-to-use barcode application.

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Optimizing Income: QR Codes

If there is one industry which has to continually innovate it is the charity sector; often the first to feel the hit of an economic downturn as people feel they can be less generous with their hard earned cash. Therefore they are always quick adopters of new technology to optimise their income, the less money spent publicising the more money they can reserve for the real work.

In recent years the Salvation Army and homeless charity Simon on the Street, among others, have used QR Codes to direct people to an optimised payment page where a donation can be made. So if someone simply has no cash on them it is no problem for the collectors! What is more QR Codes take almost no investment to introduce, they are easily made for free and only cost as much as the paper they are printed on.

It is also worth remembering that the application required on smart phones for reading the QR Codes is freely available and most owners have such technology. We have our own freely available QR Code reader available for Android Phones which can be found on Google Play.

Fore more information on QR Codes check out our knowledge base.


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What Barcodes Do Best

It doe snot matter the size of your business but everyone needs fast and efficient tracking of paperwork and products within their business. What is more everyone also wants their client base to be able to reach the relevant information about what concerns them.

Barcodes can, and do, fit this job perfectly. Take for example the charity Computer Aid which takes old computers from schools, offices etc. and then distributes them where they are still of use. However using Barcodes they were able to track where they end up, giving business efficiency quantifiable data and allowing those donating the PCs to see directly where they end up. For more information on this case check out the guardian website.

Therefore the basic message is with the simple addition of barcode reading software your company can not only increase it’s efficiency but also its quality of service and business planning. Check out our ready made BardecodeFiler application on our website here for more information.

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How QR Codes Increase Sales

Oxfam have just started introducing an application called Shelflife. Combined with QR Codes next to it’s products they offer a glimpse into the past life of the second hand goods peoples are purchasing. Oxfam believe the benefits are obvious, people are simply more likely to buy something if they know more about it; especially if it has a good emotional back story!

Future use of the application are also highly promising. The charity already has a comprehensive online store where records can be found from across the country and this application could be another way of linking goods to the people who want them. This is vital for a charity shop with such eclectic ranges of products, but somewhere out there people will want them, its just connecting them to the goods and this application has promise.

Sadly for now this scheme is limited to Manchester but if its a success I’m sure we will see it across the UK in no time. For more news on the story click here or if you want to find out more about the capabilities of mobile barcode reading visit our website.

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