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Instant Quote for Used Phone…Enabled by QR Codes

Everyone has seen adverts for these companies, the model obviously proves profitable. Old smartphones can be traded in, for money, to be recycled. These companies make money, the consumer makes money and the phones do not end up straight in the landfill. However the process is not flawless, the companies like to view the phones before they pay money for them and consumers are easily put off by such obstacles. This means that only around 10% ever get recycled in such a manner.

So what is the solution? QR Codes of course. American company MaxBack has released a QR Code which, when scanned, assesses the phone and makes an instant offer. This clever use of the QR Code works in several ways. Firstly its entire target audience has smartphones so can scan the device, secondly it is self selecting. If someone has a smartphone which is so run down it will no longer scan a QR Code then it cannot get the offer. Finally it means that when someone sends their phone off they can do so with a good awareness of what they will receive in return.

So don’t get bogged down in the numerous terrible uses of QR Codes, embrace those who do the technology justice! For more information on our Mobile Barcode Reading SDK check out our website.


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QR Codes Bringing Back Reality

It seems technology has got many cities into a situation where it is accepted to drive anywhere and people think nothing of getting the car out to drive round the corner. However technology does not have to simply lead to evermore laziness.

A ‘tactical urbanism’ project in Raleigh, America, where citizens take issues into their own hands to improve the city has met with huge success. Putting up signs around the city informing people how long it takes to walk to other various parts of town, complete with QR Code for directions, were so professionally done everyone assumed they were part of an official campaign.

This is the perfect use of QR Code technology to tap into the lives of people who have grown to rely on technology and have probably turned off from other sources. Furthermore the reason people drive is that they probably don’t have to think about it, and a QR Code with directions is able to make the decision to walk that much easier.

Therefore while this is clearly just a small step it is definitely something worth applauding. For more information see the Washington Post website here.

If you are interested in integrating barcodes into your project then checkout our website here.


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