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There’s Something Fishy about this Barcode

The Frieze Art Fair in London is one of the biggest of its kind, with tickets starting at £20 it is certainly not cheap. However it is full of innovative new ideas and, this year at least, a novel approach to QR Codes.

We have seen QR Codes in many different guises, from corn mazes to office roofs there seems no limit to what they will be used for. This story is no different, albeit it a bit tastier. The sushi restaurant ‘Moshi Moshi’ has been inviting visitors to the art fair to try their sushi, but first to scan their food! The sushi itself is a QR Code which, when scanned, takes them to a website about the sustainability of the fish they are eating.

This trial is being held at the festival with a view to rolling it out to more of their restaurants, so you too could scan your food before you eat it. This is indeed another gimmicky use of the QR Code. However it is raising awareness about a very important message and reminding us that our food has its own back-story to tell is more relevant than ever.

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Mooving Forward – Cows and QR Codes

When I heard that a cow had gone viral I thought this could be no good thing; I’m not vet but memories of foot and mouth loom large. However this time it is all fun and games as a dairy cow has had a QR Codes painted on her side as a web link to ‘her’ blog. The blog contains details of her daily routine, which is interesting even if a little unsurprising.

The cow is not just a very talented self publicist but is part of a campaign by the UK Dairy Industry to raise their profile. Although personally I preferred it when they sponsored ‘The Milk Race’ – the UKs ‘equivalent’ of the Tour de France.

A Quirky Innovation

I don’t have much of an opinion on this but since this is a blog and banal opinions seem the order of the day when I get going I will share one with you anyway. This is a clever stunt and has made several news sources, maybe on a slow news day but still it does the job. However the really clever bit is in just how cheap it is, QR Codes are generated for free and then the programme to read them is also free (such as ours for android!). Just make sure you aren’t paying millions to a marketing agency before you start since it really is very simple.

Let me know you thoughts,


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Know Your Food… Scan it!

In recent decades it appears there have been countless food scares, most memorable the ‘mad cow’ disease which obliterated British livestock farming for the best part of a decade. Although this has long recovered and a British steak is once again a fine thing to sit down and enjoy it has meant that tough lessons were learnt. It became obvious that for consumers to be able to make informed choices about what they were purchasing they had to have more knowledge.

The producers have to be accountable. What is more this works to protect the majority of producers. Those who are cutting less corners in production can show their better produce and satisfy consumers that they are keeping up standards. Now why am I harping on about agricultural standards in a barcode news blog? This is because barcodes fit the job perfectly here, as New Zealand has shown. If you purchase beef in New Zealand you can scan a barcode on it and learn everything about the animal it came from.

It is clearly not feasible to have an entire fact sheet printed on each piece of meat sold, therefore barcodes yet again make a huge leap forward economically viable where before it may have simply been a pipe dream. So if you ever find yourself in New Zealand treat yourself to a steak, scan the barcode, and enjoy it with the knowledge of where your food came from!


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