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QR Code Art

Followers of this blog may well be aware that I am not a fan of QR Codes which have been extensively played around with; removing the redundancy from the QR Codes also removes their advantage and means they are far less identifiable.

However this does not mean that when done very well the results cannot be impressive. This blog I found talks about how QR Code art is now starting to appear in gallaries. I am not sure that this is a sign of it’s acceptance by a wider community I do think it shows the inherent interest people have in the idea of functional art. It gives another, potentially unexpected, dimension to the piece since the choice of what the QR Code contains is also key. Also while they do appear similar to very abstract art it does have a fundamental difference, the message the artist wants to encode in the work dictates a large amount of how the piece looks.

I am not sure I will be rushing out to purchase QR Code canvasses any time soon but its nice to see it being done properly, rather than companies lazily trying to show as bigger logo in the middle of the QR Code as they can before it stops reading.

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