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Unlimited Mobile Data a thing of the Past?

Over in the USA Verizon has recently become the latest major carrier to stop offering unlimited mobile data to customers, instead customers must now choose the amount that they pay for through the cost of package they choose. With Christmas now almost upon us, a time of year when many people will be entering the smart phone market for the first time, does this show that the growth in mobile data use has really exploded in recent times? With increasingly more powerful phones is it feasible with the existing infrastructure to have everyone connecting to online videos and cloud services?

The point that struck me most about this story is that the entry level data allocation from Verizon is 2gb. Now in Britain phone companies offer ‘unlimited’ mobile data use which in reality is capped at simply 500mb! Myself, as an avid mobile internet user, barely get past 100mb a month since most places now have wifi you can easily hop onto. Therefore I would argue that unless you have decided to ditch the home internet in favour of simply using mobile internet, such as using your phone as a router, then this is unlikely to really cause any grief. However it is likely to be a first step and either prices will go up for data or allowances will come down… or more likely both.

The hardest part though is that new phones and new services such as cloud computing are going to put increasing demands on data use with mobiles. While I am confident that such issues will be overcome it is worth analysing the trends in mobile data offers to see how future mobile phone use may be effected; could QR Codes really take off if data become so expensive? Would it be worth a consumer using up a few megabytes to view a promotional video?




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