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Barcodes: Pillars of Art

The challenge of public art is often in conveying complicated messages and views through very simple mediums. A statue or mural are the popular forms chosen, however these certainly have their limitations. Conceptional artists Claudia Reisenberger and Franka Diehnelt, of California, have utilised barcodes to show over 200 hundred years of history at the the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening  Project Site (basically a building site).

barcode reader art

Barcodes in Art

Each pillar of the viaduct has been transformed into a red and white barcode which contains some historical information. I’m not sure how practical these barcodes will be to read but it is certainly a striking look.

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Barcodes Out the Office

We are all used to the many numerous applications of barcodes in factories, offices or even hosptials (and if you’re not then look back through this blog!). However their use is not limited to the indoors or the brand new. The USA’s National Gallery of Art East Building is currently being renovated. Built with a distinctive pink marble finish it is currently being stripped down before being put back together.

The National Gallery East Building at Night

It is important to the look of the building though that it should be restored as it was before, not an easy job for such a uniquely designed building. The solution was simple though, as each brick came down it was photographed and barcoded to indicate where it came from. This is a perfect example of where the simple technology of barcodes enables potential human error and confusion to be checked.

What is more little fancy equipment is required. Although in this case they are using an ipad to scan the bricks it is a job that any smart phone could perform. To find out more check out our mobile SDK on our website or download our ready to use application from the Android Market Place.

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