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London Olympics – Reflections on the Games and Future Legacy

So the London Olympics have come to an end, and sadly I have been beaten. No, I was not competing, and neither did I get fed up of it, quite the opposite. As I settled in to watch the opening ceremony the cynic within was ready to start lampooning the cheap efforts to replicate Beijing’s extravagance. However I found myself enjoying a great evening of entertainment (almost patriotic!) and have not looked back for the past sixteen days. If I’m not at work or out on my bike then I’ve been firmly parked infront of the box shouting and screaming in support of the South Korean Handball team or a Grenadian sprinter. As a company we all sadly missed out on tickets to the games, such was the demand, but we did make it to some of the free stuff. The ‘training team’ we sponsor were there to cheer on Team GB in the men’s road race, although that particular event didn’t go to plan the dominance of GB on two wheels has been a highlight of the Olympics for us (especially after Wiggo’s win at the Tour). 

This last week I have been working in Edinburgh where another of Britain’s great events is held, the Fringe Comedy Festival. I had read many articles talking of the Olympics damaging the festival but there was no sign of that, the city was as packed as ever during the festival month. The city centre a constant crowd of different nationalities and people flyering. The BBC had erected 2 huge screens in the centre where you could enjoy a drink and watch the sport alongside a huge enthusiastic crowd. Even better, the sun was out, in Scotland! A great evening was spent with a Gin and Tonic watching the 200m final with the Jamaican clean sweep. There was also time to get out into the hills with some of the Softek Software training team, and the hills around Edinburgh do not disappoint!

So as a business based near London, but experiencing the Olympics across the UK, all I can say is it has been brilliant. Too often the UK seems in the news for negative reasons and as a company dealing internationally it can knock the image and consequently sales. However in the wake of this event British business should have a new confidence in the world market. Maybe we no longer have the overwhelming muscle now enjoyed by China, and reflected in their Olympics, but we can deliver a good job which most importantly will last the test of time. It astonished me that London 2012 is the first games to have an emphasis on legacy, no throw away lavish celebrations but an attempt to ‘inspire a generation’. This is a great image to share with the world and to associate with Britain, quality which will last for centuries not just a quick short term success.

I will end this post before I get too misty eyed, after all the world goes on and we have the Vuelta Espana to get excited about next. What was your lasting impression of the games? Is this a fair reflection or is it seen differently from around the world? For more reflection check out this report card from Yahoo USA.



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2012 London Olympics

As a business based just outside of London we currently can’t move for information about the London Olympics next year. Although many of those who don’t understand sport particularly have spent the last year or so grumbling about costs and travel disruption they are luckily in the minority. Aside from the obvious draw of the best athletes competing for the biggest prize in their sport is it not exciting to have the city filled, more than ever, with people from all around the globe?

What is more to be the nation which has bucked the trend of ever more extravagant venues and ceremonies for a more long term vision is something to be proud of. This proviso has been damaged a bit by the government’s decision to double the budget for the award ceremony but generally a legacy is an idea the nation should be excited about.

The south east has now got a top class under cover velodrome, meaning young track cyclists won’t have to go to cardiff for every training session. Furthermore they have refurbished the Herne Hill Velodrome, the only lasting venue from when London previously held the Olympics. Although we sadly missed out on tickets here at Softek, as did many, I see this as a positive thing; so many people wanted them! Far better than the empty seats which plagued previous Olympics. Luckily the first gold up for grabs, the Cycling Road Race, is free to watch along the route and the Manx Missle Mark Cavendish is a big favourite if it comes down to a bunch sprint.

Therefore although as a software business we don’t stand to gain from the Olympics through trade we here at Softek cannot wait for it. So wherever in the world you watch the Olympics remember the legacy!

What are your expectations of the London Olympics?


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