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Meriden Linear Trail using QR Codes for Tourists

The Meriden trail has decided to start using QR Codes placed along the trail in order to provide information about the surroundings. The neat little QR Codes can provide easy to update platforms which don’t impinge on their surroundings as much as a large information board. The route which follows the original route of the Meriden, Waterbury, and Connecticut river railroad through Meriden is popular with both cyclists and walkers, helping attract tourists to the area.

Providing a more complete experience for tourists at such low cost will clearly benefit everyone, and is something that other low density tourist attractions should consider. Where numbers may be low and the investment money lacking such a  cheap solution is an ideal place to start with increasing the experience. More importantly it is sustainable, large information boards are costly and time consuming to change, webpages are dynamic and free to update.

But what about scanning these barcodes? Try our free to use android app or barcode reading software development kits.

Meriden Linear Trail

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Creative Barcode: Intellectual Property Innovation

The Creative Barcode company claims they have the first innovation in the Intellectual Property sphere for more than three decades, and its a hard claim to refute. Not much has happened in the last three decades regarding intellectual property. However the way everyone works has changed massively with the onset of the internet and the digital age. Therefore this simple and intuitive solution allows for a dynamic approach and maximum control for the owner of intellectual property.

The Creative Barcode

The use of barcodes makes perfect sense since they can remain unchanged while the content they link to regarding the status of a piece of intellectual property may be dynamic. For more information check out their website.

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Promoting QR Code Use

In previous posts I have talked of how many people offer QR Codes to consumers with little in the way of incentives. The presence of a QR Code does not mean it will be used, people need to think that what they receive from doing so is worth while; this is why a QR Code linking to banal advertising will only discourage future use.

However Kenya and Uganda appear to be leading the way in making the most of this new technology. Small shops may not be able to introduce their own loyalty cards in the style of Tesco of ‘Nectar Cards’ in the UK but using the foursquare model of ‘checking in’ they gain both promotion and loyalty. So when a customer purchases something at a small business, say a cafe, they get a QR Code they scan which means they ‘check-in’ online and gain loyalty points. This seems to be a very logical solution, far better than reality many of us face with wallets and purses jammed full of loyalty cards you might only use a couple of times a year.

So it leads to free stuff for the customer and free advertising on someones timeline for the company and all without the use of a loyalty card. Sounds like Kenya and Uganda are leading the way in this area.


Want to know more about integrating mobile barcode scanning into your software/business? Check out our SDK here!

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Award Winning Software

Once again the Softek Barcode Reader has been named one of the top products by ComponentSource! The continued success of the Barcode Reader is testament to the high quality service it offers and the ability to keep evolving.

If you would like to try the SDK or our ready to use application for yourself then head over to our website where they can both be downloaded, and then simply get in touch for an evaluation license! With QR Codes now supported and improved Data Matrix reading, alongside many other features, there has never been a better time to give it a go!

If you are not sure how barcode reading can help your business then check out previous posts on this blog.


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New Release.. New Features… Better Barcode Reading

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones here at Softek Software. As driving rain and windy conditions try to dampen the office bike rides new versions and better barcode reading have been slowly emerging. As the result of feedback from customers and innovative approaches we are pleased to announce several improvements to both the SDK and the ready to use application (BardecodeFiler).

Firstly BardecodeFiler, which requires no development (simply download and use!) has seen a very useful new feature added. No Longer can it only be run in an automated fashion though Windows Scheduler but it now has its own timer. Hopefully this will allow for a greater user experience and better efficiency; why make things more complicated than they need to be? This can allow a company to run regular (e.g. every 15 minutes) scans of the input folder to ensure a quick flow of information through the office.

New Timer Feature

Secondly we are very pleased to announce new and improved Data Matrix Barcode reading. For more information on these 2D barcodes see my post from last week. Although these were read at a very high rate before we feel that this new version exceeds all expectations. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself! It can be downloaded for free from our website and you can get a free 30 day evaluation license by dropping us an email.

So if you are an existing customer then we recommend trying out the latest version to see how it can help you. And if you are currently considering the adoption of barcode technology then check out our software, it could just be the difference your company is looking for!


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Quality QR Code Reading

QR Codes are big business, there is no avoiding them. Just look at this blog which theoretically is about all types of barcodes but the show is stolen by the QR Code. There is simply just more news about them.

Therefore when it was decided they should be added to our SDK and applications we realised it would have to be good. Now it has been around for a few months we are confident we have one of the best QR Code reading systems around. Although the huge redundancy in QR Codes does make them an efficient read this is often taken out by the marketing people, impressed by the amount the barcode can be messed around with. However as feedback continues to come in from customers we believe ours is working very well.

Quality QR Code Reading

One customer has noted the ability of our software to read however the code has been scanned “Straight or crooked; copy , fax or original… It’s really good.”

But don’t take our word for it, or theirs, you can try it today for free! We have a free application available through google play or you can download it from our website for mobile platforms, windows, OS and linux.

We would love to hear what you think so get in touch!


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Mobile Barcode Reading

Just a few years ago when someone was going to read a barcode it would have been assumed by the layman that they would require a hand held scanner, with the red laser lines like you get in the supermarket. However these days it is accepted that mobiles can achieve this quite happily. Therefore if you haven’t got mobile scanning integrated into your application perhaps it is time you had a look at it?

Increasingly companies are introducing mobile applications for their staff who want to use their own equipment, not some clunky standard issue stuff. This means that at a moments scanning the staff member can be linked directly to all the information required about a piece of hardware or a document which they have found.

If you want to give it a go then check out our ready made app on Google Play or even better check out our mobile SDK on our website.

Want more information? Just get in touch!


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