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QR Codes vs. Digital Signage: but should they be compared?

I have been exploring the uses of QR Codes for a while and it seems clear that they offer huge advantages, especially for small businesses. With the minimal set up costs and ease of implication it is an easy step to take. However the manner in which they are used is still widely variable.

Reading an article comparing the use of QR Codes vs. Digital Signage for small businesses set me thinking, should they be compared at all? The only similarity is the ease with which the content can be changed, but a QR Code should not simply be replacing the job of what a chalkboard can do. With the extra hassle of finding the application on the phone and waiting for the content to load it is simply not comparable in that sense. QR Codes are a brilliant way to bridge the gap between physical and online spheres, but only where that is desirable.

For example a small shop should not keep a list of in-store special offers on a webpage accessible through a QR Code, its just hassle for everyone. However if you wish to encourage webtraffic and want to shift stock online QR Codes are a perfect way to channel interest.

Want to explore what barcode reading can do for your business, check out our range of SDKs for various platforms or our ready-to-use application on our website.

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Barcodes and Human Error in Small Businesses

We are now all used to Barcodes in advertising and of course in shops. However many people are surprised to encounter them in hospitals or office paperwork, which has actually quickly become the major sectors for barcode reading technology. The advantages are obvious, quick processing and a safety check to ensure that human error doesn’t creep in. It is only natural that when someone is performing a task hundreds of times in a day that eventually they will, on ‘autopilot’, make a simple error with drastic consequences for a company or even worse for┬ásomeone’s┬áhealth.

Barcodes can help streamline a small business

The issue is trickier though for small business, especially those without large technology departments who can develop such systems. There is a solution however! At Softek Software we have created the BardecodeFiler which is a ready to use application. If you in put documents with barcodes then, through various settings, you are able to split them and rename them appropriately. For more information visit our website or email us at sales@softeksoftware.co.uk.

Or you can simply post quesitons below!

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How To Market your Business using QR Codes

I have had several thoughts on this recently and seen a large amount of advice I’m dubious about on the subject so here we go… my top tips for using QR Codes to promote your business.

  1. Keep it simple – you will often be told about how great it is that with QR Codes you can change the colours around, put pictures in the middle or encode large amounts of data. These are all very possible but keeping a QR Code looking like a barcode actually helps it stand out and be easily recognised. Everyone is now so familier with QR Codes that it is no bad thing for it to obviously be one, then people know exactly what to do with it! Furthermore use link shortening sites such as tinyurl or bit.ly which can allow for a simpler, cleaner and easier to read barcode.
  2. Incentive – there is no point in getting a customer to scan a QR Code which just takes them to more advertising, either show them the advert in place of the QR Code or use the QR Code for what it is good at… linking the physical with the online. The great thing is you can track how effective your advertising is since you get to view statistics, however people will stop scanning QR Codes if they find them leading to vacuous content. So make sure the consumer knows they will be getting a great deal or some vital information if they scan through!
  3. Placing – you must make sure that wherever the QR Code is that people are likely to scan it there. Pubs, bars and cafes are prime locations for this. People will often be sat idling away time in such locations often sat next to there smart phone. Contrast this to crowded public places where the awkwardness of scanning a QR Code is likely to put most punters off.
  4. Get Social – QR Codes are great for linking into social media. Especially if you run a business with a set premises you want to promote then use some of the various ‘checking in’ apps/tools which work with facebook or twitter to let people share with there friends that they are enjoying being at your business!

These are just a few simply rules but ones which, if followed, can make QR Codes marketing a very cheap and effective way to do so.

Do you have any further suggestions for QR Code marketing?


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