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Deck the halls with QR Codes? A Cautionary Tale.

By all accounts it is too early for this post. The mentioned of the ‘C’ word should be taboo, but the season of Christmas marketing is almost upon us. Marketing departments are starting to finalise their campaigns and try to find something different.

We will undoubtedly see many QR Codes as they try to capture the growing mobile markets. With the number of smartphones now used it is clear that they are a key part of how consumers interact with companies. Those companies who wish to spurn this development will be missing out on a large slice of the market.

However, despite reading many articles predicting a landslide of QR Code campaigns I think caution should be exercised. As I have mentioned many times in this blog you cannot force people to take the 20 seconds or so to scan a QR Code, you must offer them a reward! A shiny commercial for your product does not count, make it something worthwhile; a discount or some content of real value. What is more let them know what they will get before they scan, otherwise your QR Code may be lost alongside the thousands of others.

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Instant Quote for Used Phone…Enabled by QR Codes

Everyone has seen adverts for these companies, the model obviously proves profitable. Old smartphones can be traded in, for money, to be recycled. These companies make money, the consumer makes money and the phones do not end up straight in the landfill. However the process is not flawless, the companies like to view the phones before they pay money for them and consumers are easily put off by such obstacles. This means that only around 10% ever get recycled in such a manner.

So what is the solution? QR Codes of course. American company MaxBack has released a QR Code which, when scanned, assesses the phone and makes an instant offer. This clever use of the QR Code works in several ways. Firstly its entire target audience has smartphones so can scan the device, secondly it is self selecting. If someone has a smartphone which is so run down it will no longer scan a QR Code then it cannot get the offer. Finally it means that when someone sends their phone off they can do so with a good awareness of what they will receive in return.

So don’t get bogged down in the numerous terrible uses of QR Codes, embrace those who do the technology justice! For more information on our Mobile Barcode Reading SDK check out our website.


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QR Code Hooliganism

Fans of Turkish football may have seen that in a recent game between Karsiyaka S.K. and Goztepe there was an ingenious, although offensive, use of QR Codes. Turkish football has certainly had its image problems this year with one game even limited to only women and children due to the crowd troubles.

The Karsiyaka fans had created huge QR Code banners which they held up to the opposing fans, who then duly scanned them only to receive an offensive message encoded. Now although this is obviously childish and a bit silly it does make a very good point, people will scan QR Codes. Used in the right context (such as at a Football game when everyone is sat down for a long time) it can be a great way to spread the word.

So is this a new age of football geek hooliganism?


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QR Codes in the Military?

If you have a smartphone in America you could grab yourself 40,000 dollars by simply scanning a few QR Codes, only problem…. you’ve got to find them! This elaborate test, or game (depending on how you see it), is designed to see how people could cope in a national emergency and reach the resources they need.

Due to the size of America it is clear that no one will simply stumble upon all the QR Codes so the exercise is in seeing how well people collaborate through social media to find all the QR Codes. The contest has currently been running since 23 Feb so I’m actually quite surprised all the QR Codes haven’t been found yet, unless competitors are guarding their locations from others online. A bigger issue may be simply getting to all the QR Codes.

Anyhow this essentially leads on from my previous post about QR Codes being used in Bordeaux to boost tourism and create interactive games. The fact that you can link the real world and virtual world so effectively opens up many possibilities and these ideas will only progress to become more sophisticated.

Would anyone take part in something like this, even if it didn’t involve travel across the whole of the states?


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